Presentation: Content Delivery for Tomorrow, From Vibrotactile Notifications to Mid-Air Displays

Monday 12th of December, 11:00 AM @HML 3rd Floor Jackson Hall, Queen's University

Professor Morten Fjeld
Head of t2i Lab,
Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden

Abstract: The talk presents three projects in the field of emerging and alternative display techniques; the two first are in the field of haptic display, the thrid is in the area of mid-air display. The OmniVib projects presents some basic studies and principles to leverage cross-body vibrotactile notifications for mobile phones. The HaptiColor project deals with a more specific challenge, but the insights are bearing for a wider range of applications; to assist the colorblind, we employed a vibration wristband that enables interpolating color information as haptic feedback. As part of a more futuristic initiative, we present a map navigation concept using a wearable mid-air display. The projects presented have been carried out in collaboration with NUS Singapore and University of Maryland (UMD), College Park. 

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